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How to take Parabolan

How to take Parabolan

Parabolan from SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL is a powerful steroid of anabolic and androgenic nature. The active chemical is trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. Parabolan does not aromatize. Previously, the steroid was used to increase the muscle mass and appetite of animals (cattle). In its original form, trenbolone is practically not used, since it has a very …

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parabolan steroid

Parabolan steroid herbal preparation is the total of plantain leaves (Plantago major L.). It contains a mixture of polysaccharides. It lowers the tone of smooth muscles of the stomach and intestines, has a moderate anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling folds of the gastric mucosa. It increases the secretion of gastric juice, increasing its acidity. Indications hypoacid …

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